10 Steps to Making a New Mum Friend

10 steps to making a new Mum Friend

1. Eyes meet across a crowded playground

2. A few drop offs later, realise your kid and their kid appear to be mates.

3. Do an instant 5 second appraisal of whether they have ‘future mum friend potential’ based solely on whether they appear to have their shit together and head up their ass, or have rolled up with yesterday’s make up and an air of WTF.

4. Confirm it’s the latter. Nod your silent approval and throw a smile in their general direction.

5. Start chatting about how your kids appear to quite like each other, and casually mention it might be a good idea to meet up for a playdate one day.

6. Once this has been agreed, add them on social media so you can stalk, *cough*, communicate re the arrangements for the afore mentioned playdate.

7. Whilst stalking, I mean communicating, on social media, have a chuckle at some mildly inappropriate but funny as fook memes they’ve recently shared and get the feeling you might be onto a winner here.

8. Get the kids together for a playdate. Try to get to know your potential new mum friend as much as it is possible to do so whilst you both deal with over excited small humans interrupting your chat every 5 seconds to demand food or attention.

9. Plan another meet up, this time preferably without the little darlings that brought you together in the first place and preferably with a lot of wine.

10. If this goes well, congratulations! You have a new Mum friend. Commence plans for more wine 🍷👍❤

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