Wishes for my boy šŸ’™

Wishes for my boy šŸ’™

1. That you keep that sensitive little soul we love so much. (Perhaps you’ll stop crying at loud sneezing but if not it’s ok šŸ˜†)

2. That you grow up feeling free of expectations to follow or not follow a certain career path because of your gender.

3. That you always adore your big sister as much as you do now, and that you stay best friends as you grow up together.

4. That you find love, and know that the only judgement that your parents will make in regards to the love you find is not related to race, background or gender, but only to if the person you choose is good and kind and treats you like a King. Mum pro tip: if someone is kind to animals and polite to the waiter, they’re gonna be good to you.

5. That you feel able to make your own decisions in life, which won’t always be the best ones, but will always be with the best intentions and a huge love net to fall into in the shape of your Mum’s arms, should you fuck up.

6. That you spend lots of time in nature and listening to/playing music. It’s where you’ll be free.

7. That you’re willing to sacrifice your time but never yourself for any cause.

8. That you learn self reflection, are able to apologise but also articulate your truth when the situation necessitates.

9. That you always know you are enough for the world and anyone in it.

10. That you always come home to your Mum ā¤

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