Review: Zimplikids

Zimplikids were kind enough to send us some products to try, and an afternoon of fun ensued!
Imogen got in her swimsuit as soon as they arrived as she was so excited, and the first thing we tried was the Gelli Baff.

The goo formed quickly so there was no dealing with impatient kids, and both Midge and Theo really enjoyed playing in and exploring the texture.

What I liked about it was that it also came with another sachet of powder to sprinkle on top to dissolve it and swill it down the plug hole quickly when we were done 👍

Next we made slime! This took a little longer to form but Midge enjoyed checking on it and giving it a stir, and within 20 minutes was happily slipping and sliding about the place covered in slime. One happy toddler 😄

We also had some Crackle Baff to try out, which made the bath water crackle and pop when we sprinkled it in. I found the instructions simple and easy to understand, which was helpful as Midge was jumping up and down shouting “COME ON, MUMMY!” in her excitement as I was trying to read them 🤗

These products are non toxic and stain free, and don’t clog your drains when you’re washing away the mess!

So for some fun, sensory play at home which is easy to clean up afterwards (BIG bonus!) head over to Zimplikids for a look at their range. Link below!

Click here ⬇️⬇️⬇️

*These products were sent to us free of charge but all opinions are our own*

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